Friday, May 21, 2010

15 May 2010 - Foothills

May 15, 2010 - Foothills

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Thanks to Jess H for the photos and route description.

The Ride Report in a nutshell...

Met up at MarSha Tes Coffee House in Rancho Murieta off of Hwy 16. Proceeded on Hwy 16 and exited Carbondale Rd. Then rode through Ione to the Pardee Dam lookout. Continued on and got back onto Hwy 49 heading up Hwy 88. Exited Omo Ranch Rd till it runs into Mt. Akum. Had lunch at D'Agostini's Bakery and Restaurant. Everyone took off for home after.
MarshaTes has a Sloughhouse mailing address

Ron H the Ride Leader gathering up the troops

More preride instructions

Okay who wants to do WHAT???

Arriving at the Pardee Dam Overlook.
Thirteen bikes lined up for the Group Photo

Sonja, Bill, Pdub, Gary G and

A quick pit stop at Jackson Tires.

Arriving at the Lunch Stop D'Agostini's Delights Bakery and Cafe in Mt Aukum, CA.

Bill, Sonja, Jess and Stan

...and Ron the Ride Leader

Cindy and Gary G

Wonderful blue sky

Not the exact route but something like:

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