Monday, March 1, 2010

20 Mar 2010 - Annual Sausage Feed

March 20, 2010
Pdub's River Roads Ride ending at Don's for the Annual Sausage Feed around 2:00 PM.

Link to Blog of 2009 Sausage Feed

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It is before 10:00AM at the start, the Chevron on Jefferson in West Sacramento.
Phil, Dan and Pdub. In the background are Sonja and Jazzhound. - photo by Bill B

Jess and Sonja - photo by Bill B

Here is Bill B who did not make it to the Feed - photo by Jess

The Motley Crue - photo by Jess

Jim and Christi G - photo by Jess

The first pit stop is at the Grand Island Mansion where the guys are bold enough to go into the Mansion to use their restrooms.
Normally the restroom break is at the back parking lot and in the bushes, but there are two ladies riding pillion and one lady on her own Street Triple so they go inside the Mansion
- photo by Jess

The main dining room of the Grand Island Mansion - photo by Dan A

Two of the three VROCers on this Ride - photo by Jess

The first of two ferry crossings is a short distance from the Grand Island Mansion.
These ferries are a part of a State Highway - photo by Jess

The cable ferry - photo by Dan A

On the ferry - photo by Jess
On the ferry - photo by Jess

Edited video of the Delta Loop by Jim G. The last part of the River Ride before crossing the Mokelumne River Bridge on Hwy 12 and heading to the Feed.
The Full YouTube video is at NorCal Rats River ride #3 3-20-10

You may have to Click on the Down arrow that shows where you are in the Video to start playing it.

Now on to the Sausage Feed Part of this Blog.

I bought the sausages in Lockeford, CA which is on Hwy 88 about seven miles east of Lodi, CA.
Lockeford Meat and Sausage

The Dakota Smoked Bratwurst is their signature sausage

Kitchen photos while waiting for the hungry bunch.
Two rice cookers one for white and one for brown rice

Genova Bakery French Bread - Pdub's wife, Yvonne at work

I need a new meat thermometer. The char is only on the very outside. But the inside was well done even though my meat thermometer read RARE. I should have just cut into it.
Oh well it was still tasty.
A 3.32 pound top sirloin prepared in the Santa Maria BBQ Style.

Dakota smoked brats, kielbasa and Hawaiian luau

Today's Menu:

Italian Dry Salami and Mile's Homemade Wax Peppers
Dakota Smoked Brats
Kielbasa {smoked Polish sausage}
Hawaiian Luau Sausage {sweet teriyaki}
Foster Farms Turkey Italian sausage for the non-red meat eaters

Santa Maria Style BBQ Top Sirloin

Baked beans with JalapeƱos
Romaine salad

French bread
White rice
Brown rice

Seven ounce individual cups of vanilla ice cream

The pack arrives minus two as Bill B has stator issues and waits in Rio Vista along with Sonja for a tow. Sorry that you two had to miss the Feed.

No one will let Tom P. park next to them. He has to park behind the car. :-)

Tom P. eating

Les, Cindy and Gary

Jazzhound and Phil T

Pdub, Stan K and Yvonne - photo by Jess

Tom P, Don I {me}, Dan, Jazzhound, Phil and Pdub - photo by Jess

Besides the back of my bald head - Yvonne, Les, Cindy and Gary - photo by Jess

Jess has to leave early

Dan A on his new Fat Bob

Getting ready to leave

LAS has mailed Pdub a gift

Last four bikes riding back to Sacto

Tom P. says wait for me