Monday, August 23, 2010

21 Aug 2010 - Bill's Breakfast Ride

21 Aug 2010 - Bill's Breakfast Ride

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{photo's and text by Bill}

We started out with Paul, Tom, Mark and Phil arriving for breakfast at about 8:30.
Sonja had already arrived and made coffee while I cooked up the breakfast.
Here I am dishing up someone's breakfast

Pancakes on the stove

Blueberry pancakes, turkey sausage, scrambled eggs with cheese, peaches and strawberries.

It is such a beautiful morning that we have breakfast al fresco on my patio.
Clockwise from the left: Tom, Sonja, Pdub, Mark and Phil

Today we have six (6) bikes...Mark's Moto Guzzi, Phil's Vulcan, Tom's Yamaha, Pdub's WeeStrom, Sonja's Street Triple and my Speed Triple . The Little Dragon is the highlight of today's Ride.

We rode to Waterford then to La Grange and to Merced Falls. On to Hornitos for a short restroom break. {Hornitos means little ovens!}
The Hornitos Post Office parking lot

From Hornitos we ride to Bear Valley {Mariposa County} then turn north on Hwy 49.
We stop at the John C Fremont overlook for a photo op.

The Little Dragon is just this 16 mile stretch of Hwy 49. About half is down to the bridge over the Merced River and the other half is getting back up from the river on the north side.
Highway 49, “The Canyon” as it is known to the local riders, our section running south to north from Bear Valley to Coulterville. This 16 mile stretch is some of the best tarmac that California has to offer. This run is not about top speed, but rather finding a rhythm that allows you to connect a series of turns ranging from tight decreasing radius turns of 180 degrees to the “S” turns that will have you flicking your bike from right to left mile after mile. Liter bikes advantage none-supermotards and 600’s are the best tools for this nirvana and the lighter the better. But don’t get me wrong Goldwings, Busas and Road Kings can enjoy this switchback heaven too. from

The Plaque at the Overlook

We wind up in Coulterville after 16 miles of Hwy 49.

After Coulterville we ride the short distance to Jamestown for "Here's the Scoop"

Phil and Mark waiting for their ice cream

Phil's double black cherry

The taste test

Mark took no prisoners

And more twisties and views to Murphys and the Firewood restaurant.
Tom showing the way to lunch

Pdub's carnitas tacos

Sonja and my each have a Gorgonzola Burger

From there we grab 11 more miles of twisties down the grade to Starbucks in Angels Camp.
135 miles from breakfast later.
There we share conversation and coffee before we part...

A Parting Shot

And most of today's Ride Route:

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Until the next ride....
Keep the rubber down my friends